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  • Public Holidays For 2019

    The Centre will be closed on the following days:
    • Australia Day
      Friday 28th January 2019
    • 8-Hour Day
      Monday 11th March 2019
    • Easter
      Friday 19th April 2019
      Monday 22nd April 2019
      Tuesday 23rd April 2019
    • ANZAC Day
      Thursday 25th April 2019
    • Queens' Birthday
      Monday 10th June 2019
    • Launceston Show
      Thursday 10th October 2019
    • Recreation Day
      Monday 4th November 2019
    • Last day of 2019
      Centre Re-opens
      Friday 20th December 2019
      Monday 6th January 2020
  • Our Curriculum
    The ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ has been developed to ensure your child receives quality education programs in their early childhood setting. This is a vital time for them to learn and develop.

    The Framework’s vision is for all children to experience play-based learning that is engaging and builds success for life.

    It is a guide for early childhood educators who work with children from birth to five years. They will use the Framework in partnership with families, children’s first and most influential educators, to develop learning programs responsive to children’s ideas, interests, strengths and abilities, and recognise that children learn through their play.

    The ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ describes childhood as a time of belonging, being and becoming.

    • Belonging is the basis for living a fulfilling life. Children feel they belong because of the relationships they have with their family, community, culture and place.
    • Being is about living here and now. Childhood is a special time in life and children need time to just ‘be’, time to play, try new things and have fun.
    • Becoming is about the learning and development that young children experience. Children start to form their sense of identity from an early age, which shapes the type of adult they will become.

    For more information on the ‘Early Years Learning Framework’ please visit Vist here

    Centre Philosophy
    In partnerships with families we are working to maintain the National Quality Standards, using best practice in the provision of education and care. The expertise, culture, values and beliefs of families are respected by educators, to benefit each child’s learning and development. Communication between families, children and educators is valued, promoting each child’s language and interaction style.

    Educators support the inclusion of all children and provide a range of opportunities, along with an environment that encourages inquiry to enable children to make their own decisions to initiate and lead their own learning journey.

    Service Goals:

    • We aspire to have a service that is a happy, safe, caring and stimulating, providing an environment where children have the right to contribute to their world and grow in their own unique way. We strive to cater for the needs of each individual child in an inclusive and diverse environment.
    • We maintain a safe and hygienic environment for staff, families and children.
    • We provide a nutritious menu with healthy eating being consistently promoted and discussed, as guided by the Move Well Eat Well program.
    • Opportunities for planned and spontaneous social, emotional, physical and mental wellbeing activities will be built on children’s interests and developmental needs for the extension of their education and learning. Children are encouraged to learn at their own pace, experiencing their own journey.
    • We have an ongoing commitment to Sustainable practice where children will be supported in valuing and respecting their environments.
    • Educators collaborate in consistent respectful and caring relationships with children and their families, reflecting on current practices that embrace and support children’s beauty, wonder and imagination in early childhood. They provide a foundation on which to build relationships and promote children’s sense of security and agency in a meaningful and achievable way.
    • We will ensure that we show a commitment to Quality improvement and seek feedback from families and the community to guide changes within the service.
    • We link our educational programmes with the Early Years Learning Framework, ensuring each child is Belonging, Being and Becoming.

    Last updated: February 2018.

    What We Offer

    * Responsive & Caring Educators
    * Move Well Eat Well Achieved
    * Be You Program
    * SunSmart Centre
    * Community Involvement
    * School Readiness Programme – Focus On Offering Early Learning Experiences In Our 3 – 5 y/o Rooms
    * All Meals Are Provided
    * Nappies Provided
    * Routine Support – Toileting, Food Support, Sleep
    * Allergy Aware Centre
    * Education Programmes Including:-

    • Developmental Checklist For Each Child ( Milestones)
    • Individual Plans For Each Child Supported By The Five Areas Of The EYLF
    • Music, Movement & Art
    • Planned And Spontaneous Experiences
    • Physical Play
    • Large Outdoor Natural Learning Environment

    Board Of Management
    We are a not-for-profit community based Service that is governed by a Board of management who are families of children who attend our Service. If you are interested in joining the Board please speak to our CEO to find out more.

    The Board of Management works closely with the CEO to ensure the following:

    • Establishing the goals of the Service
    • Development of Governance policies
    • Financial Management
    • Keeping appropriate meeting minutes & reports
    • Handling publicity and community relations
    • Evaluation and accountability of the Service

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