• Welcome To Our Room!

  • Emus Room Philosophy

    In the Emu room, we work with families to provide children with a stimulating and age appropriate program to suit the child based on their interests and needs. Our learning is individual, group based and spontaneous.

    • We aim to provide a happy environment in which children are able to instigate and extend their own learning. Each child needs to feel a sense of belonging; this is achieved through affection, reassurance, support and respect. In this way, children are able to reach their full potential.

    • Long and short-term goals are developed and reached through extensive and ongoing programming and documenting of each child’s development and learning. Each child is continuously observed and programs are developed based on individual and group needs. Each child is observed and programmed for against the Early Years Learning Framework’s (EYLF) learning outcomes and the National Quality Framework (NQF).

    • Through guidance and role modelling we aim to assist children in developing the skills needed for independence, self-confidence. Language development is fostered through group times, conversations and through music and play. It is our belief that language is developed through role modelling, meaningful experiences, listening and experimenting. The children are involved in positive experiences with educators and their peers. Through interaction children develop positive attitudes towards themselves, their families, their peers, and the community as a whole.

    • Children are provided with opportunities to learn about their emotions and about empathy for others. They are given the opportunities to learn how to express themselves appropriately and learn self-discipline. We aim to enhance the children’s fine and gross motor skills by setting up our environment, both indoor and out, to challenge children. The environment includes a wide range of activities which encourage the development of large muscles, small muscles and co-ordination.