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  • We provide six dedicated rooms within our Centre offering quality care for children aged birth to 5 years. Each one of our rooms has their individual and unique programme that provides each child with the opportunity to grow and learn with confidence.

    At Stewart Child Care Services we believe that any program offered to children must reflect our Philosophy and with that, we recognise that each and every child is unique with individual needs, strengths, abilities and interests.

    Our Educational Curriculum Encompasses The Following:

    • The Australian Early Years Learning Framework – Belonging, Being And Becoming
    • Move Well Eat Well
    • Be You
    • The Centre’s Philosophy
    • Early Childhood Theorists

    Our programme provides children with planned and spontaneous experiences that promote and support all areas of children’s development. We recognise that children learn through active involvement, experiences will be arranged for a balance of indoor and outdoor experiences. Interactions in both large and small groups and also individual situations are offered.

    We encourage family contributions and input to our programmes. We acknowledge the diversity of families; their beliefs and values and how this can impact children’s learning. Educators establish respectful and caring relationships with children, their families and the community. We value that we can work together to construct learning experiences relevant to the children.

    We will provide opportunities for staff professional development to support and enhance programming practice.

    You can find out more about each room below by click on the ‘Read More’ button.

    • Joey Room

      • Birth - 16
      • Room Size
    • Koala Room

      • 16 - 2
      • Room Size
    • Possum Room

      • 2 - 3
      • Room Size
    • Kookaburra Room
      Early Learning Unit
      • 3 - 4
      • Room Size
    • Emu Room
      Early Learning Unit
      • 4 - 5
      • Room Size
    • Wombat Room
      Early Learning Unit
      • 4 - 5
      • Room Size
  • Meet Our Dedicated Team:

    Below you will find all the staff and educators who work at our Centre.

    • Kristy Wallis
    • Kelli Murdock
      Assistant Director
    • Alice
    • Caroline
    • Chantelle
    • Chloe
    • Emily
    • FeiFei
    • Georgia
    • Indi
    • Jack
    • Jane
    • Jess
    • Jodi
    • Jordyn
    • Jorja
    • Kayla
    • Kyra
    • Leonie
    • Lorraine
      *Maternity Leave*
    • Lucy
    • Makayla
    • Mark
    • Mel
    • Melanie
    • Melody
    • Sally
    • Sammy
    • Sharon
    • Tayla
    • Trudy