• Welcome To Our Room!

  • Wombats Room Philosophy

    In the Wombat Room we acknowledge and support children’s voices, interests and strengths within our programme. We endeavour to provide positive social experiences that promote a healthy self esteem, care, empathy, respect for others and a sense of belonging.

    • Through daily routines children are able to learn/ practice many life skills. We support and encourage the interest and involvement of families and the community to share, contribute and feel part of their child’s experience within the centre at all times.

    • Our programme provides a balance between educator/ child centred play. Learning opportunities are designed to stimulate creativity, develop motor skills, communication, social, emotional development and to promote environmental awareness.

    • Individual programmes provide achieveable challenges as well as a sense of fun and wonder.

    • Our School Readiness Program focuses on developing each child’s  emotional maturity, physical and social development and communication skills. This is with an aim to help  prepare children for the primary school  environment.

    • We reflect regularly upon our programme to ensure it constantly meets all standards, principles and practices as well as being flexible in catering for children’s individual needs and capabilities.